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Super Series

The Super Series by Oztag Queensland is an exciting oztag event following the Junior and Senior State Cups. Those who participate in the games have been chosen as the winners of the Queensland State Cups.

It’s a thrilling event not just for players but for guests and spectators as well.

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The event starts with early games around noon, and the street party begins around 4:30pm. The street party is open to all players, supporters, and parents when the stadium gates are open to all. It will feature delicious food from dozens of vendors, as well as fun amusement rides for free. The multi-day event is succeeded by two more game days, and on the last day, a closing ceremony will commence.

The Super Series takes place in Bokarina, so be sure to check out the upcoming dates to get a ticket in advance. Oztag is a unique game devised in Australia back in 1993 and is seen as a non-contact type of rugby league where the objective is to score tries. Its non-tackling nature means that players instead focus on passing, tagging, evading and kicking with two 20 or 30-minute period sessions. The absence of tackling makes it a terrific sport for kids of all sizes, weights, and skill levels, as it allows them to compete equally. This fast-paced game is exhilarating to watch and is open for men and women from 6 to 60.

When visiting Bokarina for the tournament, you can also enjoy lots of fun things with the family. It’s best known for its beautiful beaches, where you can spend hours even with your furry friends having a picnic, playing games, or unwinding with a book. Bokarina Beach is best explored via bicycle or on foot. You can take the kids to several attractions here, including Wyanda Park, Satinbird Park, Jasmin Circle Park, and much more.

The Super Series tourney is an event you won’t want to miss!

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