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Caboolture is a beautiful coastal suburb that serves as the entry point for the Sunshine Coast among many travellers visiting this region.

Located less than an hour away from Brisbane, it makes the perfect destination to visit for the weekend or spend several days exploring its wonders.

Caboolture Accommodation, Caravan Parks, Shops & Restaurants, QLD

Famous for stunning white-sand beaches, lush mountains, and quaint country villages, the many diverse attractions here lure travellers of all interests. For first-time visitors, begin your trip by stopping over at the Caboolture Visitor Information Centre. This helpful service has everything you need for booking hotels, tours, car rentals, and more for a fun and convenient stay in the Moreton Bay region. You can choose from their selection of maps, itineraries, and brochures, as well as free guided tours of the city.

Soak up history and culture at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology with their massive collection of antiques, fine art, and more sourced from 250,000 years ago. Marvel at the wonders that date as far back as the prehistoric period, then learn about the Industrial Revolution as well as the rise of imperialism. Don’t miss out on the Historical Village either, where you can find a unique collection of beautifully restored buildings.

An iconic experience here is the Caboolture Country Markets, boasting more than 500 stalls offering a mind-blowing array of goods. From fresh produce, fruits, veggies, farm-fresh eggs, handmade crafts, collectible items, fashion, machinery, and so much more, the markets are a truly delightful activity. Spend hours browsing the wares and delicious food and drink up for grabs.

Other destinations worth visiting while here include the Centenary Lakes, CREEC, the Woodford Markets, swimming or picnicking in Upper Caboolture, the Rocksberg Park Heritage Reserve, and White Ridge Farms.

With all to do and experience at Caboolture, you and your family will love spending a few days here! Ensure you explore the range of accommodation options nearby, including some motels, holidays houses, hotels, apartments, and resorts.

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