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Must-visit Spots For Whale Lovers In Australia

Must-Visit Spots For Whale Lovers In Australia

If you think Australia is only famous for its Great Barrier Reef, fuzzy Koalas, and muscular Kangaroos, then you’re missing out, big time! Australian waters are home to more than half of the Earth’s whales, making it the perfect destination to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures.

There are many locations where you can get to see Humpbacks, Orcas, and Southern Right Whales. But which part of Australia is the best place to go?

Here are some of the must-Visit Spots For Whale Lovers In Australia

  • One of the best places to go to and witness a breathtaking migration of an impressive family of Humpbacks is by taking one of the whale watching cruises in Broome. Watch how these massive creatures that can reach up to 52 feet in length mingle and energetically behave among one another. Think that’s all? An expert tour guide gives you an informative yet fun lecture about these Humpbacks while you see the whales in action.
  • Watch whales swim near the coastlines of Cape Byron while doing fun activities, such as walking along the coastal cliffs or by observing them while kayaking.
    Must-visit Spots For Whale Lovers In Australia
  • In Eden, get the chance to learn more about the whaling history of the area. Watch out for Orcas making their appearance and Sperm Whales while making their way towards their destination, Antarctica.
  • Along the Great Ocean Road, whale-watching is not only the only exciting thing to do; why not ride an e-bike or even enjoy a fantastic helicopter flight to spot the beautiful views of the coastline. There’s no need to worry as the pilots are more than capable of keeping you safe while you try to engrave the moment in your hearts.
    Must-visit Spots For Whale Lovers In Australia
  • Don’t forget about Port Stephens. You might be fortunate enough to see whales pass through the area while on the back of a quad bike.
  • Always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef? Go ahead and enjoy the company of Bottlenose Dolphins, as well as the Dwarf Minke Whales.
  • If you love celebrating festivals, then Head over to Hervey Bay from July to August, and you’ll surely enjoy a big celebration, thanks to the Hervey Bay Whale Festival.
  • Whale enthusiasts will get to experience the stunning beauty of the cold waters of Bruny Island, while Southern Right, Orcas, and Humpback Whales show off their natural beauty. Also, get the opportunity to see Pygmy Right Whales head to their destination, but not without passing by Tasmania first.
  • An area in Portland is worth mentioning, as Blue Whales can be spotted if you’re lucky enough at the right time and place West of Warrnambool.
  • A Sunshine Coast getaway will never be quite fulfilling if you won’t go on a whale watching tour. You can get a clear view of how playful these friendly giants are. The bright and pristine waters of the Sunshine Coast are not only eye candy for tourists but also serve as a habitat for marine creatures.
    Must-visit Spots For Whale Lovers In Australia
  • Even in South Australia, you’ll find many sites to visit and watch majestic whales, as it seems Australia has been blessed with Whale-migration routes that are not only ideal for whales and other marines animals but also the spectating humans alike.

Many cruises offermany cruises that offer what seems to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so choose wisely. Whichever state and region you might pick, you’re sure to get an incredible taste like no other, Australia.

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