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Horizon Festival Sunshine Coast

Horizon Festival Sunshine Coast

The Horizon Festival on the Sunshine Coast promotes all areas of culture and art in Australia in a huge 10-day-long event.

Come and check out the many talks, sculptures, designs, workshops and competitions; there is so much to see and do.

Horizon Festival Sunshine Coast 2024 Dates, Ticket Price & Program Schedule

Each year, the festival brings together all art mediums, including film, comedy, poetry, creative writing, music, performance and innovative new designs to create a unique event on the Sunshine Coast.

Visitors can view and enjoy the artworks on display or join in on one of the many scheduled workshops, talks or presentations. The 2024 program is yet to be finalised; however, previous years have included: ‘Garden to Plate’ cooking workshops, dance workshops that cover a range of different dance forms and skills, introduction workshops to learn confidence when meeting new people, henna workshops and creative writing workshops – to name a few.

You will also find many live musical performances, from classical favourites to modern acoustic numbers and jazz and swing.

Held over several venues in and around the Sunshine Coast, check out the full program schedule for event times, location details, and ticket prices.

So come down to the Horizon Festival on the Sunshine Coast to learn something new and enjoy a fun week of unique performances.

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