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Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a famous destination north of the Sunshine Coast, and for a good reason.

This World Heritage-listed island is more than 123 kilometres long and 184,000 hectares large, making it the largest sand island on the planet.

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The island has long been recognised for its cultural and natural heritage, so if you love nature, don’t miss out on a trip here. The island has become an important example of biological and natural evolution, boasting incredible surf, mind-blowing sand dunes, lush rainforests, scenic dune lakes, beautiful banksia woodlands, and so much more.

Aside from that, Fraser Island also has a unique history. It’s home to the Butchulla indigenous people, which were once made up of 6 clans that eventually expanded past the island and into Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay, Bauple Mountain and even further. The Butchulla people had a name for the island in their native language, which translated to paradise. Their local legend has it that the island’s name, K’gari, was named after a stunning spirit who was beneficial in the land’s creation because he helped Yindingie, great god Beeral’s messenger.

Though it’s unsure how long the Butchulla have been living on the island, there is evidence suggesting that it could be over 5,500 years or as much as 20,000 years ago. But it wasn’t until 1770 when Captain Cook first saw the people and then named the eastern beach Indian Head after them. Captain Matthew Flinders was one of the first white people to contact them and eventually have peaceful meetings with them.

Today, the island offers numerous chances for exploration and activities, especially for intrepid visitors. Booking island tours is an efficient way to see many sights within one day.

Don’t miss out on whale watching at Hervey Bay, considered the whale watch capital of the world. Other thrilling activities to enjoy here include four-wheel driving and fishing.

Fraser Island is a truly unique island destination that shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to explore the range of accommodation options on the island, which a wide range of resorts, retreats, holiday houses, apartments, and hostels.

Please view the range of brochures below for more information on the island and maps of the area.

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