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Why not try something unique and adventurous during your next Sunshine Coast holiday? Why not take the plunge with skydiving at any of the skydive centres around the gorgeous coastal city.

Experience a zero-gravity fall while enjoying the panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast from a height of 14,000 feet above sea level.

Sunshine Coast Skydiving, Tandem Sky Dive Deals, Qld

The Sunshine Coast region has a lot of skydive operators that offer different types of skydiving experiences at specific drop zones. The sessions usually last for two hours, from the orientation to the real dive. Most operators provide a tandem skydive for beginners, where a qualified instructor accompanies the person and guides them throughout the dive. The skydiving operators may give free fall from heights of 6,000 right up to 14,000 feet.

A Sunshine Coast skydive offers night and day skydiving with certified instructors and guides. The night skydives are highly recommended for the unique experience it provides. Most tour operators provide skydives five days a week from Caloundra airport, with Moffat, Bulcock, Currimundi and Kings Beach as the drop zones for their beach tandem skydives.

If you want to look at several options, other operators within the Sunshine Coast area offer beach tandem and night skydiving.

Before you skydive, ask the operator for age and weight restrictions, and make sure that you don’t have any medical condition that would prevent you from participating in a skydive.

As skydiving on the Sunshine Coast is a favourite activity, pre-booking is advised for visitors. You can check out some of the best skydiving deals available below.

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