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Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo

The Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo is a one-day annual event designed to educate and promote awareness of sustainable transport.

It was founded by Zero Emissions Noosa, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping Noosa achieve zero community greenhouse gas emissions.

Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo, 2022 Dates, Times, Site Map, Parking, QLD

The expo is a terrific opportunity for all visitors to learn about how you can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the low emission transport systems available.

The first event took place in 2018, while a year later, it grew even larger. The events are always well-attended, and there’s a lot of valuable information to learn. You’ll also get an exciting insight into the latest forms of low emission transport available in the forms of electric vehicles, including buses, cars, scooters, boat motors, and much more.

One of the best things about the Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo is that visitors can test ride these vehicles while speaking to electric vehicle suppliers and owners for even more insight. Thanks to their efforts, interest in using sustainable transportation and electric vehicles, even those running on solar power, have grown tremendously.

It’s also good to note that sustainable cars were once considered novelty goods, but they’re becoming more mainstream these days; a good example is the popularity of Teslas.

Whether you’re interested in learning about how to reduce your carbon footprint or are shopping around for a fantastic but environmentally-friendly way of getting around, this expo is filled to the brim with brilliant information. You’ll learn all the things involved with owning and maintaining these electric cars and even find out what it’s like to drive them, charge them, and other common questions. You might even be surprised how well they run and perhaps never return to a standard car.

The Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo is a must-attend event for just about everyone.

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