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5 Must-Try Beauty Treatments While Visiting The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast, located north of Brisbane, is popular for its almost 65-kilometre coastline and is home to the world’s most breathtaking beaches. I’m sure you heard about the enticing waves, offshore reefs, spectacular headlands and the tons of waterparks and never-ending activities the place has to offer, but the Sunshine Coast is not only for adventurous souls; the area is also becoming famous for beauty fads because of some out of this world beauty treatment that can be found here.

Get yourself ready for an Instagram-worthy selfie wearing your best beachwear or comfortable streetwear with the top five must-try beauty pampering treatments in the Sunshine Coast.

1. the Dead Sea Magical Mud Wrap

The dead sea is a small body of water in the middle of Israel and Jordan; it’s known because of super salty water that makes anything float in water and its miracle Mud wraps! Mud wraps are usually spa treatments where your face and skin are covered in thick mud.

Noosa Springs is not only known for its luxury amenities and golf club but is also gaining fame because of its dead sea mud wrap treatment; where your body will be plastered with Mud coming from the dead sea, which has minerals that are known to relieve tired and aching joints and flush out your body’s toxins.

Besides leaving your skin extra hydrated, having a dead sea mud wrap is an effective way to relax and unwind.

2. The Bloody Vampire Facial

Yes, you got it right. The Vampire facial – so how exactly do vampires have facials?

This might unveil the secrets of Dracula’s young-looking skin. Well, this is real despite how intense it sounds. The facial is about collecting your own blood, combining it with miracle serum, and adding it to your skin with a superfine needle. You don’t need to be scared at all since your skin will be numb during the treatment.

The combination of microdermabrasion and Platelet-rich-plasma stimulates the collagen and new skin cells to make your face smooth and younger-looking.

Drop by Noosaville, and you can get this treatment even in broad daylight!

3. Lash Lift

Getting thicker, darker and eyelash extensions is a well-known beauty trend. They offer a ‘last lift’ where the idea is to get your eyelash semi-permanently curled and can be renewed every 4-8 weeks.

The idea of the treatment is to keep your lashes curled upwards, which creates a wide, open, popping eye look.

4. Paraffin Wax Treatment

Can you imagine soaking your feet in a warm paraffin wax? There’s nothing to be scared of because you won’t be turned to wax just like the horror movie, “The House of Wax”.

This weird but effective alternative to a foot spa will give you an odd but rewarding experience. Look for NailsNoosa, where this could become one of your must-do beauty pampering experiences!

Your feet will be soaked in paraffin wax for nearly an hour, watching as your first corpse-looking feet transform into moisturised and soft pinkish soles.

5. 24-Carat Gold Facial

If those beauty treatments mentioned above isn’t just luxurious enough, drop by at Cozmedics for lavishing gold face food. This mask is made from pure 24-carat powdered gold, powdered pearls, and even jellyfish extract. How weird is that? But this is not a joke since apparently, the gold stimulates collagen production, making the skin renew itself, thus shedding off some dead skin to leave your face clear and smooth.

So if you aren’t a fan of the vampire facial, then why not go for gold!

So why don’t you try these uncommon but effective beauty treatments on the Sunshine Coast, it’s surprisingly different, but it can guarantee beauty 100%.

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