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Horse Riding
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Horse Riding

The Sunshine Coast has a lot of National Parks with the best trails for walking, hiking, cycling, and horse riding.

These horse riding trails are surrounded by spectacular views of the nearby hinterland mountains, beach, coasts, rainforests, rural countryside and bushland.

Sunshine Coast Horse Riding Tours, Hinterland & Beach

In the Sunshine Coast region, there are several locations favoured by horse riding tour operators and enthusiasts. The coastal beach area around Noosa, the lush farmland and forests around Mary Valley and the open hinterland countryside range are just some areas where riding operators conduct their tours.

You don’t have to be an experienced rider to partake in the various horse riding activities on offer. And you don’t have to travel far; there are some horse riding venues not too far from the city.

The usual horse riding tour package covers rent for the horses and rides equipment, such as helmets, tack and saddles.

Horse riding tour operators sometimes offer overnight ride packages that include accommodation for riders and their non-riding companions. The riders and their guests are accommodated at bed and breakfasts, lodges and resorts along the way. Other operators often throw in incentives such as spa and massage treatments for their riders and guests.

Experience something unique and spectacular when you take a horseback ride across the scenic trails of the charming hinterland. Escape to a serene countryside setting and indulge in some fun-filled activities with your loved ones. These horse riding adventures are a perfect daytime activity for visitors of all ages. Book your tour today!


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