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Fishing Charters
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Fishing Charters

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Bordered by the cerulean coastline, the Sunshine Coast boasts an array of great fishing locations with massive fish colonies. So it’s no wonder the region has many fishing charters out on the ocean and local rivers.

Whether or not you’re a deep-sea fishing fan, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy a ride across the turquoise blue waters of the Sunshine Coast with one of the many popular fishing trips on offer.

Sunshine Coast Fishing Charters, Deep Sea Fishing, Qld

The most popular destinations for fishing charter services include the Mooloolaba and the Noosa shore. Mooloolaba offers many specialised offshore fishing charter services, including corporate and group tours. Kids will also love the hands-on experience of catching their very own fish.

Visitors coming in groups can also hire a private fishing charter for an exclusive fishing experience with their families and friends. Charters usually teach you a few techniques of local fishing methods, including live baiting and lure spinning techniques.

The Noosa coast offers a fantastic reef fishing opportunity with crystal clear water and the coral reefs lying underneath. You will find some distinctive reef fish species, including Snapper, Sweetlip, Perch and Jewfish, and sometimes Cod.

You can share the charter with other groups or choose to hire the boat just for yourselves. Your charter captain may even teach you how to clean your fish so that you can cook up a feast for dinner.

You will find several fishing charter options below, so book your fishing charter today!


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