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Caloundra Aerodrome

Caloundra Aerodrome

The Caloundra Aerodrome caters to general aviation businesses that include the maintenance of aircraft and helicopters.

It’s owned and operated by the city council and has been around since 1931, when it was initially established for aircraft landing.

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The aerodrome is 145 hectares in size, with two sealed runways which are 795 metres in length and 18 metres wide. It also includes a sealed taxiway. Each year, some 40,000 landings and take-offs occur here, though most of the air traffic is due to flight training. Today, it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions for visitors interested in aviation, scenic flights, or skydiving. It also houses a museum.

Some of the businesses that are based in the Caloundra Aerodrome include Air BP, Aircraft Maintenance Specialists, the Australian Air Force Cadets 223 Squadron, Cirrus Aircraft, GoFly Aviation, Heli Mods, Prorotor, ProSky Aviation Flight Training, Sunshine Coast Skydivers, and Westpac Life Saver Helicopter Rescue Service Caloundra.

A must-visit while here is the Queensland Air Museum, where you can find almost 100 different types of aircraft. It has become the largest and most diverse aviation museum in the country as they are dedicated to spreading awareness and education of aviation history in Australia.

Throughout the decades, they have been successful in this through numerous acquisitions and restoring significant vintage aircraft. What makes them unique is that they allow visitors to get close to displays, allowing a more intimate knowledge of these beautiful machines.

The Queensland Air Museum has an impressive aeroplane collection, including bombers, airliners, fighters, helicopters, replicas, transport, sports planes, and so much more. Their work is made possible through the generous support of donors and patrons, including Deryck Kingwell, Donald Bennett, Ly Bennett, Allan Vial, and Geoff Shepherd.

The Caloundra Aerodrome has something for all interests and ages – definitely a unique attraction in town.

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