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Caboolture Country Markets

Caboolture Country Markets

The Caboolture Country Markets are an iconic experience in town.

It’s a wonderful experience to meet local purveyors of handmade and edible items that have been made and grown right here.

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The markets’ history goes back to 1979, founded by couple Jack and Jean Lindsay. They worked with a group of volunteers to create the ideal Sunday morning attraction. Since then, it has grown to be a large market that draws up to 10,000 visitors on any given Sunday.

Today they are one of the largest, longest-running markets in Queensland, so you’re sure to find many things that will catch your eye or interest your palette. Some of the things up for sale here include fresh herbs, plants, seedlings, produce, vegetables, cheese, meats, seafood, souvenirs, handmade jewellery, pet accessories and toys, animals, clothes, hats, and so much more. They also offer many exciting activities for the kids, including laughing clowns, jumping castles, collectibles, and many treasures.

The Caboolture Markets are a great place to shop in, but be sure to bring your appetite because there’s so much delicious food for sale here too. These include freshly ground coffee, pancakes, a wide array of international cuisines, brunch food, and more. No matter what your culinary preference is like, you’ll find it here for sure.

Hobby enthusiasts also love the markets for their one-of-a-kind collection of vintage treasures and second-hand items. Whether you’re into furniture, art, books, toys, spare parts, or anything else, come for a visit, and you might be pleasantly surprised with what you can find here. Be sure to check the calendar of events for the markets because they often plan competitions and other events that make for a great show in the arena or oval.

The Caboolture Country Markets occur every Sunday from 5:30am to 11:30am and 6am to 12 noon from June 1st to August 31st.

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What are the Caboolture Country Markets opening hours?
Sunday: 5am - 11:30am

Winter (June 1st to August 31st)
Sunday: 5am - 12pm

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