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Jungle Love Festival

The Jungle Love Festival is a unique boutique music and arts festival in a stunning environment in Jimna for three whole days.

What sets this music festival apart is that the founders and organisers have stayed true to their commitment to carefully curating the program, including various acts not for their popularity but for pure talent, without publicly announcing it before the date.

Jungle Love Festival, 2024 Dates, Location, Tickets, Map, Timetable, QLD

The founders, Raymond Williams and Lincoln Savage, were inspired to establish the festival after learning that there were many highly talented artists in the underground music scene of Brisbane. By 2013, they started small with a house party, and by 2014, it grew to a summer camping weekend festival. It has only continued to evolve and grow in leaps and bounds each year, and today, they have already garnered acknowledgements for its outstanding work. These include the Best Queensland Festival and a nomination for Best Australian Festival by AUReview.

The Jungle Love Festival is not just about music but the fun-loving and open-minded people it attracts each year. Undoubtedly, the vibrant mix of attendees from all walks of life, who accept one another’s differences while enjoying a gorgeous location, music, and art all festival long, is what truly makes it the festival it is today.

As it’s designed to be an immersive experience, with patrons invited to camp in designated areas to make the most of the experience. It’s permitted to bring your own alcohol, though the organisers have set a limit. Several vendors will be available on-site, offering delicious, locally sourced food, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free delights.

The Jungle Love Festival is a unique experience you will want to experience.

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