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Nambour Gemfest

The Nambour Gemfest is a spectacular annual event welcoming miners, traders, jewellers, and fossickers, all under one roof together with gem-loving folk.

It’s one of the biggest gem trade shows in the country.

Nambour Gemfest, 2023 Dates, Gems & Rocks Stalls / Displays, QLD

The festival is a means of bringing people in the industry together to honour the ancient traditions of stone cutting, mineral shaping, and the beautiful gems that humankind has adorned on ourselves since the early days. Anyone who sells any product related to gems, rocks, and jewels is invited to join, making it a surefire thrill for collectors and shoppers – especially those looking for unique finds. Just some of the varieties available include precious and semi-precious gems, opals, sapphires, minerals, fossils, collectibles, jewellery, and even lapidary supplies at bargain prices.

The Nambour Gemfest has been hosted by the Nambour Lapidary Club, which founded the event in 2007. Since then, it’s only continued to grow and improve with time. The Nambour Lapidary Club was established in 1965 after establishing their mascot gemstone, Rhodonite. They also have several exciting workshops open for anyone passionate about gems throughout the year, so get in touch with them.

The event is open to everyone, including kids. The entrance fee is just $5 for adults, while kids are free of charge. There will be numerous stalls and displays and lunch and refreshments to be served all day. Parking is also provided, and there will be an ATM on site. This is your chance to browse through thousands of dazzling stones, many of which you may have never seen before. Get to meet like-minded people who love gems too.

The Nambour Gemfest takes place each year at the Nambour Lapidary Club at the Gem Lane of the Nambour Showgrounds.

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