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All Schools Tournament

All Schools Tournament

The All Schools Tournament is Oztag Queensland’s iconic school event.

Involving over 55 schools that are sending more than 150 teams to play in the non-tackling game, it’s one of the most exciting school matches in the calendar year.

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Oztag involves passing, tagging, catching, kicking, and evading as the primary skills to play the game. It takes place in two sessions of 30 minutes, as eight players in each team battle it out on the field. Anyone of any athletic abilities can play this fast-paced sport, and the competitions usually occur after school or work during the summer and winter. It’s a fun way to get fit with your mates, family, and friends! What makes this sport appealing to many is that no training is involved.

The All Schools Tournament is a full day of fun for the entire family. It’s a wholesome day of sports and high energy that everyone is sure to enjoy. Come and cheer for your favourite players and teams from both private and public schools, and exciting prizes await the winning teams in each division.

All of this takes place at the Sunshine Coast Stadium, the number one venue in town for sports and entertainment. It was built back in 2011, and it is now home to several national sporting events. Spectators are sure to be comfortable with the 1,050-seat grandstand and the high-performance facilities available.

Food and drink will be served, too! Whether you’ve already played oztag or want to witness what it’s like to be in a game, this tournament is the perfect opportunity to do so. You also get the ideal excuse to explore the Sunshine Coast, which merges the best of lush rainforests with laid-back seaside lifestyles.

The All Schools Tournament takes place at the Sunshine Coast Stadium, so be sure to mark your calendars!

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