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Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival

The Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the arrival of spring with the local community.

This is the only time of year when you’ll see scarecrows fashioned in unique and creative designs, placed in various places all over town to welcome visitors.

Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival, 2024 Dates, Locations, Entry, Guidelines, QLD

Historically, scarecrows were used for thousands of years to ward off birds and other animals from eating and disturbing crops. It’s aptly named because crows were the most notorious enemy of farmers in the early days. They are still used in many parts of the world by farmers, and they have been an iconic symbol of countryside life even in popular culture.

The Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival is a way for visitors to experience the welcoming of spring through unique creative expressions. The festival website lets you download a map to help you discover Mary Valley through a new way of sightseeing: scarecrow spotting. It’s the ideal opportunity to make a pit stop at one of the charming country pubs, sample some local food and grab coffee or beer.

The Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival began in 1998 in Maleny. Since then, scarecrows have been a common sighting during the early spring. Aside from looking for these straw creatures in paddocks and yards, the festival also features other activities, such as scarecrow workshops, competitions, and much more, with cash prizes and awards at stake. You can come for a day trip, but if you haven’t explored much of this side of town, stay a few days to make the most of it.

The Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival takes you through town, starting from Conondale and then passing through the other towns of Brooloo, Imbil, Ridgewood, Kandanga, Amamoor, and Dagun.

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