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Cooloola Farmers Trail

The Cooloola Farmers Trail is a celebration of slow food and the farmers who grow what we eat.

Visitors will get to learn interesting and valuable knowledge from farm owners in two days full of delicious locally made food and exciting farm tours.

Cooloola Farmers Trail, 2022 Dates, Times, Program, Locations, Map, QLD

The event takes place on the first weekends of May, as well as September. It will involve visiting several participating farms so that visitors will learn how they grow their food and the farming methods they employ. The list of participating farms changes and expands each year, so check the updated list.

The Cooloola Farmers Trail is much more than just farm visits: you’ll get to have ample time in each farm to meet the producers while learning about their products. Some farms will allow patrons to sample their goods and even buy food directly from them. Just remember that it’s best to bring cash since most vendors will not have EFTPOS facilities. Arts and crafts vendors will also be available, making it a truly immersive weekend full of food, sustainability, and creativity.

Patrons are advised to come prepared for the farm tours by wearing closed shoes, a hat, and sunscreen. Bring some water along, or an umbrella if it looks like rain. Farm trails will be ongoing no matter what the weather, but if certain farms close earlier because of safety or unsafe grounds, you’ll be notified ahead of time. Come prepared for hot or wet weather so that you’re assured you’ll stay comfortable and secure throughout the walks.

Past events have included farm tours to producers growing berries, coffee, macadamia, fruit trees, and much more.

The Cooloola Farmers Trail takes in participating farms located in Gympie and Noosa.

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Around the Area, which includes those in: - Goomboorian - Kin Kin - Wolvi, Cooloola Region, QLD

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