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Wild Horse Mountain

Wild Horse Mountain is the smallest of all the Glass House Mountains. Standing at 123 metres high, this mountain is unique because it’s east of the Bruce Highway while the other Glass House Mountains are west.

Because of that, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the different peaks from here.

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The best way to enjoy the mountain is to visit its lookout at the top. Getting there requires a short albeit steep walk, which is recommended for walkers of reasonable fitness levels. However, you can also stroll and take your time.

The walk starts at the car park’s southern end, a 700-metre walk each way. You’ll stroll past some beautiful eucalypts, casuarinas, and grass trees. Some wildlife you can encounter include wagtails, kookaburras, and dragonflies.

Even though getting to the viewpoint of Wild Horse Mountain can be a steep walk, there are lots of shady areas and seats where you can rest and have a break. These are located in the fire tower rotunda, from where you can see views of Brisbane on the south, including Coochin Creek and Pumicestone Passage. Other views you can enjoy from here include pine forests, coastal plains, and the Glass House Mountains. The information signage in the tower will tell you which mountains you’re looking at.

Once you’ve finished the climb, check out the Aboriginal Bora Ring on the western side of Johnston Road. Just keep your eyes out for the signs letting you know that you’re here. The Aboriginal Bora Ring is one of many sacred ceremonial grounds in the region, fenced off in a raised platform. It was last used in the 1800s and is a truly peaceful place to experience.

Wild Horse Mountain and its surroundings will undoubtedly be one of many highlights during your trip!

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