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Nutella Festival

The Nutella Festival is an exciting one-day annual event for Nutella-loving fanatics.

No matter how you like your Nutella: spooned out of a jar or spread on everything, this event is the ultimate way to indulge in your love for this incredible sweet treat.

Nutella Festival, 2022 Dates, Entry Prices, Schedule, NightQuarter QLD

The festival always has a fantastic line-up of events, with Nutella as the main highlight, of course. This is your opportunity to sample a vast range of treats made with Nutella from Dutch pancakes, ice cream sandwiches, calzones, toasties, cheesecakes, deep-fried sweet balls, sliders, pizza, and so much more. There will even be Nutella shots and infused cocktails, too! Aside from dozens of stalls selling unique sweet and savoury goods, there are tons of other attractions, including a carnival with photo booths and rides for patrons of all ages.

The Nutella Festival also features a range of entertainment options to look forward to. These include kids’ dance parties, various Nutella competitions, stilt walkers, fire dancers, hula hooping, jugglers, and more. Since its inception, the event has been a well-loved family experience, as kids and teenagers all have a great time with the adults. Friendly dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash, though do be sure to clean up after your pets.

If you’re interested in trying this fantastic chocolate-filled event, do be sure to get your passes online or at the gate upon arrival. Keep in mind that there is a cap for online passes, so registering early is always recommended. Each year, the organisers announce a food menu that is always worth getting excited about.

From vodka to desserts, this festival proves just how versatile Nutella is, so it’s no surprise this seemingly simple spread has a cult-like following the world over.

The Nutella Festival takes place at Nightquarter every year, so be sure to come and bring your appetite!

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