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Nissan State Age

Nissan State Age

The Nissan State Age is the largest outdoor netball event held in Queensland.

Operated by Netball Queensland, this exciting event takes place over four days with the vision of showcasing grassroots netball teams for young players to meet.

Nissan State Age, 2021 Dates, Venue, Car Parking, Mud Map & Courts, Qld

The event was conceptualised to gather young netballers from all over the state to come together in a fun and inclusive environment. It gives them a chance to play amongst their peers, make new friends, and celebrate their mutual love for this fantastic game despite the presence of any challenges in communication, learning, behaviour, and understanding.

Today, it’s one of the most thrilling sports events on the local netball calendar. They are open to participants with autism, Down syndrome, acquired brain injury, intellectual disability, dementia, and dyslexia, as well as those who use a wheelchair.

There will be five groups for the Nissan State Age for girls and boys born in different years. Each age group will have their own divisions for the State Championships and the State Challenge. The competitions started as the teams in each division started playing netball for the preliminary rounds. Once this has been completed, the teams will be allocated for the Ranking Rounds. Furthermore, the event uses a split format that refers to two age groups playing in the morning while the other two play in the afternoon.

Teams will be playing around 14 games spread throughout four to six-hour days, depending on the nominations. As netball is a popular sport in Australia, this event is a terrific way to experience the country and team spirit while promoting inclusivity.

The Nissan State Age takes place at the Sunshine Coast Netball Association.

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What date is the Nissan State Age?
Where is the Nissan State Age located?
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What are the Nissan State Age entry prices?
4 Day Pass (Fishermans): $60
Disability Parking - 4 day (Fishermans OR Bradman entrance): $60
Half-Day Morning Pass - 4 day (Fishermans): $37.50
Cash Sales for Afternoon Sessions: $10
3 Day Pass (Lions Park): $45

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