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Isuzu Queensland Open

Isuzu Queensland Open

The Isuzu Queensland Open is a thrilling golf championship hosted by various world-class golf courses throughout the region each year.

The multi-day event is part of the ISPS HANDA PGA Tour of Australasia.

Isuzu Queensland Open, 2023 Dates, Golf Competition, Location, Prizes

The open’s history dates back to 1925 when the first Queensland Open took place at the Brisbane Golf Club. It was a 72-hole show back then, which was held over two days. Harry Sinclair, who was still an amateur back then, won the event. Though the open was initially a stroke play game, it was eventually revised. Today, it’s a highly respected event in the busy golfing calendar of Queensland.

Unlike many other golfing events, what sets this open apart is that it has managed to have one of the most powerful fields assembled in recent years. Their past winners have included Anthony Quayle, Michael Sim, Jordan Zunic, Nick Cullen, and David Bransdon. Meanwhile, notable names include Richard Green, Peter Lonard, and Brad Kennedy.

Spectators are welcome, and entrance is free of charge. The Isuzu Queensland Open is your opportunity to take part in walking incredible fairways with renowned golfing professionals. Though the program of events changes each year slightly, golf will always be the star of the show. Patrons can also look forward to delicious food and drinks served up at the hosting golf course.

With prize money of well over $120,000, the Isuzu Queensland Open is a truly historic game to be a part of.

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