Real Food Festival 2015

Real Food Festival

While vacationing in the Sunshine Coast, come to the 2015 Real Food festival to enjoy an array of lip-smacking food varieties. Here, you will find a number of authentic Australian food varieties, continental foods, multi-cuisines and an assorted range of wines and alcohols.

This fantastic celebration of a wonderful variety of food will surely excite guests of any age group.

Real Food Festival Maleny, Sunshine Coast

A number of manufacturers, producers and restaurants in and around the Sunshine Coast come here to display their food items and showcase their culinary ability. With a brilliant collection of food and drinks, this festival offers a wonderful venue for its guests to taste, buy and relish a number of scrumptious food items. Along with the regional food, the festival boasts an array of international food varieties.

Held in the month of September 2015, this event is an excellent choice for guests of all ages. Whatever your age is, you will surely enjoy the variety and diversity of foods at this unique and amazing festival. A number of passionate and enthusiastic chefs come here to showcase their talent,while offering you some unique food items to relish on some of the best food varieties.

Immerse yourself in an amazing ambience while enjoying a variety of delicious food varieties within an excellent setting. You will also find a number of special menus made exclusively for this event. You can also take part or enroll for some workshops, winery tours, cooking classes and farm tours.

Real Food Festival Information

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Maleny Showgrounds Cnr Maleny-Stanley River Road & Coral Street, Maleny

Event Dates:

Sep 12-13, 2015

Event Times:

9am – 4pm

Phone: (07) 5429 6751

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