Sunshine Coast Events 2014 / 2015

Visitors from all parts of the world head to the gorgeous coastal region of the Sunshine Coast, not only to check out its scenic beauty and many unique attractions, but also to indulge in a tranquil atmosphere while enjoying an array of events. The area is known for some popular community and special events. Whether it is a food or sports festival, the residents of the Sunshine Coast always celebrate something to keep their festive mood alive.

With a diverse range of activities, entertainment and touring options, the city offers plenty of choices for every guest. And also, the variety of Sunshine Coast events attract many local and international visitors. So, there is no chance that you will have a shortage of things to see, do or explore in this charming coastal avenue.

Events on The Sunshine Coast

Whether you are here to watch the panoramic views of the beach or explore the gorgeous hinterland and see the seductive sunsets over the mountain ranges, you will surely enjoy your vacation.

Each area boasts a number of events; you will find the popular Triathlon and Caloundra Festival at Caloundra, Sailing festival in Mooloolaba, Jazz and Longweekend festivals in Noosa and several food & wine festivals in other coastal communities as well.

No matter what you like, you will surely be excited with at least one of these events. And also, the region’s events cater the need of all guests including singles, couples and families. Whether you come here with your family or friends, you will surely find some exhilarating event exclusively for you.

For those heading to the Sunshine Coast for the first time can browse through the event calendar below. Unquestionably, you and your family will enjoy any of the events along with the true-blue Queenslanders.

Gympie Show

Gympie Show 2015Renowned as one of the oldest festivals in Gympie, the popular 2015 Gympie show is a great family event running for the past 124 years. With a number of entertainment, exhibits, rodeos, firework and other top-class events, the show...

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Caloundra Music Festival

Caloundra Music Festival 2015Every September – October, Caloundra celebrates the popular annual Caloundra Music Festival. This is a non-profit family friendly event that includes various cultural programs, environmental awareness and...

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Caloundra Triathlon

Caloundra Triathlon 2015For all sports enthusiasts and fans, the area of the Sunshine Coast presents the unique gaming event of the 2015 Caloundra Triathlon. Held in the month of February, this fun-filled festival of the Noosa and Mooloolaba...

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Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival

Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival 2015The renowned beach destination of the Sunshine Coast is the Mooloolaba Township; unlike Noosa Heads, this small coastal city boasts a vibrant lifestyle among the gorgeous coastal water and breathtaking hinterland...

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Noosa Ultimate Sports Fest

Noosa Ultimate Sports Fest 2015The Noosa Winter Festival is now the Noosa Ultimate Sports Fest and will be bigger and better than before in 2014 Started as an initiative to the USM, this event brought together eight popular sporting events....

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Sail Mooloolaba

Sail Mooloolaba 2015The 2015 Sail Mooloolaba is a popular sporting event, where a number of participants compete against each other to win the title and prize. The event is held at the renowned Snapper Fish Bay in Mooloolaba and known as one of...

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Open Cockpit Weekend

Open Cockpit Weekend 2015While in the Sunshine Coast, try visiting the 2015 Open Cockpit Festival in Queensland. Check out the amazing displays of plane cockpits and several other unique exhibits and displays. To help guests in understanding and...

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The Noosa Longweekend

The Noosa Longweekend 2015The 10-day long 2015 Noosa Longweekend Festival is one of the most popular and unique events of Queensland. The event not only includes a number of programs and amusement options, but also offers an array of forums for...

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Pomona King of the Mountain

Pomona King of the Mountain 2015Queensland boasts a number of unique and breathtaking events that anyone would love. Whether you’re interested in a sporting or a family friendly event, the state of Queensland offers you many festivals and...

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Gympie Music Muster

Gympie Music Muster 2015For 32 years, the Gympie Music Muster is entertaining guests. This unique festival was initially a small community event, which became a popular local celebration of today. Presently, the festival is a six-day celebration...

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Noosa Jazz Festival

Noosa Jazz Festival 2015Apart from the natural scenic and several other amazing attractions, Noosa boasts an array of festivals and community events; with the popular Noosa Jazz Festival considered as one of the premier cultural events in this...

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Real Food Festival

Real Food Festival 2015While vacationing in the Sunshine Coast, come to the 2015 Real Food festival to enjoy an array of lip-smacking food varieties. Here, you will find a number of authentic Australian food varieties, continental foods,...

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Tin Can Bay Seafood Festival

Tin Can Bay Seafood Festival 2015This unique and scrumptious festival held on the gorgeous Tin Can Bay foreshore is one of the most entertaining festivals of the region; with the 2015 Tin Can Bay Seafood Festival being the most entertaining and...

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Kenilworth Celebrates

Kenilworth Celebrates 2015As one of the major annual festivals in the Sunshine Coast, the 2015 Kenilworth Celebrates festival attracts a number of spectators from all parts of Queensland and Australia. Held annually in the small township of...

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Gympie Gold Rush Festival

Gympie Gold Rush Festival 2015The 2015 Gympie Gold Rush Festival is a popular event in Cooloola and nearby towns. This is an annual celebration that celebrates the popular gold discovery at Gympie by James Nash in the year 1867. As one of the most...

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Mary River Festival

Mary River Festival 2015The Sunshine Coast of Queensland boasts a number of unique and popular festivals in Queensland; with one such renowned festival celebrated being the popular 2015 Mary River festival. The Mary River in the Sunshine Coast is...

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Mooloolaba New Years Eve

Mooloolaba New Years Eve 2015The Sunshine Coast is also an equally popular holiday destination for the 2015 New Years Eve just as its neighbour region of the Gold Coast. Here also, you will come across fireworks, amusements, live music, concerts,...

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