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Wirreanda Park

Wirreanda Park

Wirreanda Park is a favourite outdoor venue of the locals in Buderim.

Once you see its stunning tree canopies, sprawling grassy areas, and amazing views, it’s easy to understand why it’s also become a famous site for destination weddings.

Wirreanda Park, Wedding, Playground & Obstacle Course, Buderim Qld

As one of the most iconic destinations in Buderim, this park is a must-visit. It’s hard not to appreciate the beauty lent by the magnificent Weeping Fig trees, which were planted here more than a century ago. During its early days, the trees helped create a beautiful entrance to a homestead that was once here. The homestead and farm were owned and operated by the Lindsays, one of the old local families that lived in the area.

Wirreanda Park has numerous amenities, including picnic tables, a toilet block, a thoughtfully designed kids’ playground, and a BBQ. It’s hard not to feel tranquil when you walk into the park because of all the stunning greens, making it a lovely place to spend an afternoon. Come to play frisbee, let the kids run about, soak up the sun, or unwind with a book and coffee under the shade. Coffee and takeaway food is found right across the park.

For those interested in hiring the venue for an event or wedding, get in touch with the Sunshine Coast Council for the necessary permits.

After visiting the park, make sure to spend some time discovering more of what Buderim can offer. This beautiful town is known for its tree-lined streets, Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk, Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk, and the Buderim Falls. This area is favoured by visitors who find great delight in spending time in nature because there is plenty of it right here. Other highlights of the town include Lions Park, the EJ Foote Sanctuary, Buderim Village Park and the Buderim Historical Society.

Wirreanda Park is just one of many things you’ll love about Buderim.

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