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Buderim Waterfall

Buderim Waterfall

The Buderim Waterfall is a major tourist attraction in town. Also known as Serenity Falls, these magical cascades are a must-visit for anyone coming to town.

Getting to the cascades requires only a 20-minute picturesque walk through the dramatic trees, ferns, and figs scattered throughout the forest.

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As you go on your way, you may encounter some wildlife though it’s most common to spot reptiles, including lizards or snakes. Meanwhile, the air is usually filled with the song of birds.

The Buderim Waterfall flows freely throughout the year. Still, the best time to visit is a day or two following rainfall, which is when the gentle trickles of the fall transform into mighty cascades that flow through the waterhole down below. The waterhole itself is a beautiful place to dip and cool down significantly after the walk. Keep in mind that only experienced swimmers should swim in the waterhole; otherwise, you can always dip your feet in the nearby rock pools that are shallow enough.

Many people enjoy visiting the falls because it also helps you get a good workout in. Two bushwalks will lead you here; one starts from the top of the falls while another takes you through the creek, and you end up at the bottom of the falls. Choosing a path should depend on your fitness ability as well as if you are travelling with children.

Upon arrival at the falls, there are some basic facilities for your comfort. These include BBQ pits, tables, parking slots, and toilets. If you are visiting with young kids, it’s best to take the Lindsey Road entrance because this is where you will find a spacious green area where children can spend time playing and running.

Buderim Waterfall is an iconic attraction that should not be missed!

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