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Buderim Village Park

Buderim Village Park

Buderim Village Park is a relaxing community park with several recreational facilities for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

You will be surrounded by gardens, nature, and beautiful trees as you unwind with family and friends, coupled with a spectacular view of the coast and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Buderim Village Park, Stage, BBQ, Gardens, Seating & Viewpoint, QLD

The park’s facilities include BBQ shelters, a public stage, shaded seating areas, manicured gardens, and viewing terraces. A clean, paved walkway is provided for those who want to jog, run, or cycle around the park. Tide, grassy fields are ideal for sports such as frisbee, or simply lying under the sun with a book.

Buderim Village Park is over 3 hectares large, so there’s lots of space for all visitors throughout the day. There are patches of thoughtfully landscaped areas that make it even more picturesque, featuring ferns, flowers, and trees. Head over to the upper area especially if it’s a clear day; this is the best location in the park to take in views of the coastline. On the other hand, the southern area of the park provides you glimpses of the charming towns of Caloundra and Little Mountain.

An interesting note about the park is that while it was being built, the Council discovered ancient jars and bottles. These are now on display in custom-made coffee tables that are found in the park’s picnic area. It’s a great way to showcase Buderim’s history and heritage.

Buderim Village Park is beautiful, well-maintained and equipped with fairly new facilities and furniture. It’s definitely a park to check out if you’re in the area.

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