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Ej Foote Sanctuary

EJ Foote Sanctuary

The EJ Foote Sanctuary in Buderim is a beautiful 9-hectare area comprised of rainforests and running streams.

It was discovered in the 1960s, and since then, volunteers have been responsible for helping develop amenities such as BBQ, picnic tables, seats, walking paths, and more for all to enjoy.

EJ Foote Sanctuary, BBQ, Tables, Walking Loop Trail Map, Buderim QLD

When visiting the sanctuary, bring along some food and drink with you. Barbecue pits are provided, as well as toilets. Dogs on leash are allowed.

It’s interesting to note that the land area was actually a gift from the local Foote family to the community association, referred to as the Buderim War Memorial Community Association. In 1948, the area was named in honour of Eric Foote, the family son who was killed during the First World War.

Today, EJ Foote Sanctuary is a tranquil, verdant gem where one can go to have a break and be one with nature. Burn some calories while exploring a breathtaking view as you walk, jog, or run the scenic walking trail among the woods. There are several paths to choose from, each with varying difficulties. A short circuit is relaxing to explore and is equipped with benches to rest on.

There are many entrances that lead you to the sanctuary, though the main entrance is found in Foote Avenue, off the Buderim-Mooloolaba Road.

Several species of local wildlife call the sanctuary home. However, it’s particularly popular among birdwatchers; there are more than 80 recorded bird species that thrive here. Some of these are the Noisy Pittas, Red-chested King Parrot, Green Catbirds, and Fan Tails. The occasional swamp wallaby may also be spotted.

The flora in itself is impressive: these include tree ferns, eucalyptus, eugenias, and melaleucas.

Be sure to include the EJ Foote Sanctuary when planning your Sunshine Coast itinerary. It’s an incredible trip to nature that your family and friends will love.

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