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Tuchekoi National Park

Tuchekoi National Park is a spectacular destination popular among adventure lovers for the challenging and rewarding climbs.

It’s also home to Mount Cooroora, which is a major highlight of the park. This 439-metre-high volcanic plug has been attracting bushwalkers and rock-climbing enthusiasts from all over.

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Exploring the mountain’s foothills can be done in various ways, including horse riding, walking, and mountain biking. A shared trail network is available to accommodate people of varying fitness levels, though if you’re confident in your fitness, why not challenge yourself by taking the walking track? However, keep in mind that some rock scrambling will be necessary here too.

Once you get to the top of Mount Cooroora, it will be worth your visit to the Tuchekoi National Park. The views are incredible, and there’s nowhere else that can provide you with such views. You can also go home with bragging rights, as the mountain is easily the most popular peak compared to all the climbable mountains on the Sunshine Coast. It’s also where the King of the Mountain Race has been taking place every year since 1979.

Once you get back to town, explore the best of what Cooran has to offer. It’s a charming country town near many other popular towns, including Pomona, Cooroy, Nambour, and PomonaPomona, Cooroy, Nambour, and Noosa’s famous surf beaches. If you’re hungry for more adventure, check out the Noosa Trail Network, where you can explore more of the town’s perimeter and pass by many unforgettable sights. A must-visit is the Cooran Lagoon, which the Aboriginals once used for sourcing mussels and waterlily bulbs for their food.

Tuchekoi National Park and the dozens of countless attractions nearby make it a must-see while here.

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