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Mount Cooroora

Mount Cooroora

Mount Cooroora is a 439-metre high mountain located in the Tuchekoi National Park.

It’s the main attraction within the park, and there is a shared network of trails that allow visitors to explore the mountain’s foothills.

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For experienced, fit hikers, you can hike up the mountain. Please take note that it’s a very challenging climb, though the scenic rewards make it worth it. A rocky path takes you to the peak, and it will take around 2 hours to complete. One part of the climb involves making it through steep metal stairs attached to the rocks. Some of the amenities on the mountain include picnic facilities and lookouts, though there is some scrambling involved to get to the top.

Mount Cooroora is the most popular among all of the climbs on the Sunshine Coast, mainly because of the King of the Mountain Festival, which has been taking place here each year since July 1979. The festival is a one-day-only, all-day race event featuring a series of runs, including the 3km Family Fun Run and a mountain bike ride. These all lead to the Bendigo Bank International Mountain Challenge, where competitors run up and down the mountain.

Aside from the races, the King of the Mountain Festival has many other exciting things lined up. These include heritage markets, a collectables fair, tug of war for kids, primary school relay, skating competition, amusement rides, lots of food, live music, and more.

After exploring the mountain, spend time in Pomona, a charming country town with beautiful parks. This is where you’ll find the oldest running silent movie cinema, Majestic Cinema, built in 1921. Other attractions in the town include the Noosa Shire Museum.

Mount Cooroora should be on the top of your must-do list, especially if you love hiking and the outdoors.

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