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Sam White Drive Park

Sam White Drive Park

Sam White Drive Park is a simple but scenic park located in Buderim.

Though it provides basic amenities, its hillside location gives visitors spectacular views.

Sam White Drive Park, Playground, Seating, Swings, Slide, Buderim Qld

The park is equipped with a small playground including a seesaw, slide, and swings. The area is surrounded by large trees that provide shade, so parents and guardians can sit back and unwind while the kids play for hours. The area surrounding the park is also great for exploring on foot or a bicycle.

Sam White Drive Park is one of the many lush green destinations to visit in Buderim. It’s known for its rich and colourful history and its beautiful rainforest and amazing coastal scenery. Buderim was once known as a fancy retirement village, but over the last few years, young people have seen its value as a terrific place to live and given it a much-needed boost of hip style.

While here, check out the Buderim Village Park, another excellent park renowned as one of the most beautiful green areas on the Sunshine Coast. It boasts of landscaped greens and BBQ areas, and it has become a popular venue choice for many live music concerts and family picnics.

The Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk is a magnificent attraction and is 45 hectares in size. This marvellous green oasis takes you to a verdant world featuring majestic waterfalls, tall ferns and trees, bird calls, and an enchanting vibe that will have you coming back for more. Exploring it on foot is the best way to see it, so be sure to pack along comfortable walking shoes.

There are also several excellent cafes and restaurants in town to discover.

Sam White Drive Park is one of many fantastic attractions in Buderim, so be sure to visit.

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