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Muller Park Skatepark

Muller Park Skatepark

The Muller Park Skatepark is a small skating area frequented by kids.

It’s located next to several grassy areas by the Maroochy River in Bli Bli frequented by families, especially those with young children.

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The park features an open-plan design, with a 4-foot bowl at one end and two banks on the other end. It also has a grind block, quarter, bank, and hump, while rails are found on one bank. There are many skate parks in the area that you can visit, including the Sunshine Beach Skatepark, Coolum Beach Skatepark, Kuluin Skate Park, Dicky Beach Skate Park, and many more.

The Muller Park Skatepark is a popular destination for skaters and bikers, but there are many other things to enjoy. Have a picnic with the whole family at Muller Park; bring along a picnic blanket, food, and refreshments while letting your dog run free off-leash at the park or while the kids play.

It’s also good to note that Muller Park is an exciting attraction because it’s a culturally significant site for the South Sea Islanders and Aboriginal communities. The recently upgraded playground was inspired by the Kabi Kabi First Nation people of the area. Many valuable artefacts were found right at the park.

The new playground’s design references various facets of the Kabi Kabi culture, such as the oyster path, because oysters are a primary food source. While building the park, several oyster shells were discovered. The fish trap is also seen in the design; it has a bell shape traditionally made from reeds and grasses. Other inspired designs include the black swan rockers and basket swing.

The Muller Park Skatepark is much more than a skating destination; it’s a culturally rich place to visit that the whole family will appreciate.

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