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Kuluin Skate Park

Kuluin Skate Park

The Kuluin Skate Park, located off Tallow Wood Drive, is a community skate park designed for the local community.

It’s a popular place for young kids to practice their skating skills but is also open to visitors.

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The park features a concrete skate bowl, launchpad, grind ledge, concrete seats, a mini bowl, and steel grind rail, with natural shade has been provided. Occasionally the park can get busy with lots of kids, though there are many other skate parks around the Sunshine Coast to check out.

It’s not surprising to see that Kuluin Skate Park and the many others in town are well-maintained; after all, the Sunshine Coast is popular for being a lifestyle destination, and its residents love to spend time in the outdoors to enjoy the warm weather all year around. Skate and BMX facilities have become increasingly popular over the last few years, so local communities make it a point to integrate them into the neighbourhood to give the kids a place to increase physical activity.

The park is one of many fun and exciting things you can do with your kids around Maroochydore. Another great place to visit with the young ones is the SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium, a fantastic oceanarium, wildlife sanctuary, and marine mammal park – all rolled into one. Two of its major highlights include Sharks Alive and Seal Island. Sharks Alive is a mobile walkway where visitors are taken underneath an 80-metre long shark tunnel in the oceanarium; here, you’ll get to see different sharks and moray eels. On the other hand, Seal Island is home to a handful of seals from Australia and New Zealand. There are also exciting shows, talks, and exhibits to check out.

No matter how old your kids are, you’re sure to enjoy the sights in Maroochydore, including the Kuluin Skate Park and many more.

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