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Muller Park

Muller Park

Muller Park is a unique playground and outdoor recreation space in Bli Bli.

Its one-of-a-kind design was inspired by the Kabi Kabi First Nation people, making it one of the culturally significant destinations that pay homage to the area’s Aboriginal history.

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Specifically, the park’s design was based on the Kabi Kabi people’s materials, animals, and other lifestyle elements. The oyster path depicts one of the primary food sources of the Kabi Kabi people, which is evident in the many oyster shells discovered in excavations.

The Black Swan rockers are a symbol of the black swans and their eggs, which were hunted as a food source, while the swan is part of the Mount Coolum Dreamtime story.

The fish trap in Muller Park is inspired by the traditional fishing tool, while the kid resembles the trap’s bell shape. The Kabi Kabi women also used the basket swing, traditionally made from woven grass and leaves to gather honey, fern roots, and eggs. It’s also interesting to note that the park was built was a culturally significant site for the Kabi Kabi, where they once gathered and lived their lives.

The park is 3.6 hectares in size and located right by the scenic Maroochy River and is only walking distance to the main streets of Bli Bli. This makes it easily accessible with lots to offer and plenty of space for adults and kids to relax and unwind. Both the young and old can enjoy the simple yet thoughtful amenities, including a dog enclosure for furry pets, BBQ areas, large oval, bike paths, skate park, basketball half-court, and beautiful views all around.

Muller Park is an exciting playground with fascinating features that all can appreciate.

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