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Woodford is a small, charming town just 20 minutes northwest of Caboolture.

It has a rich history, being one of the first settlements in the shire, though its history is very much kept alive in several destinations around town.

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What makes this lovely country town unique is that it still has several colonial shops, an old pub, a large hotel from the turn of the century, and beautiful wide streets – all while still near the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. This is also where you will find one of the biggest collections of narrow-gauge steam locomotives. It was once the heart of a vibrant timber and dairy industry, but urbanisation slowly creeps through as more residential villages are developed.

Despite that, the country roads and farmlands with small stalls selling local produce prove that history is still very much alive in Woodford. It’s got something for everyone, especially if you can appreciate culture and history. Not to be missed is the Durundur Heritage Railway, though be sure to make it on the first or third Sundays of each month when the Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society offers rides on the two-foot locomotives.

Head over to the main street to see the AS1 Leopard, a memorial that pays tribute to the servicemen and women of Australia. The tank is one of the biggest historical draws in town. Down the main street, you’ll find the Woodford Water Tower, part of a stunning public art installation. The best time to view it is during the sunset, as the tower and the art contrast beautifully against the evening sky. Other tourist sites in and around town are the Mount Mee State Forest, Cruice Park, and Stony Creek.

Woodford is a truly remarkable historic destination. Make sure to check out the range of accommodation choices nearby, including some holiday houses, bed and breakfasts, cottages and retreats.

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