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White Patch

White Patch is a town on Bribie Island within the Moreton Bay region.

Historically, the town was known as Bribie, though in 1980, it was renamed after a sandy patch that was once visible in the Pumicestone Channel.

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The area is primarily residential on the western side of town. In contrast, its eastern side is mostly undeveloped, while parts of it make up a portion of the Bribie Island National Park. It’s a beautiful place to both live and visit because it’s secluded. There is an art gallery in town too, where you can see the terrific art of local artists. Seasoned fishers also enjoy taking a trip out on the sea fronting town as there are pretty good chances of catching fish here.

White Patch is a true gem on Bribie Island, where there’s so much more to explore. It’s near Banskia Beach, which is a popular coastal town with several tourist amenities. Banksia Beach boasts of clear waters where locals love to gather for picnics, water sports, fishing, BBQs, and leisurely walks. There are BBQs provided as well as boat ramps. The shady trees provide a refreshing respite during the summer months.

Banskia is also closely located in Kakadu Beach, which is an artificial roost site and bird sanctuary. It was established in 2002 to make up for the loss of actual roost sites situated on Dux Creek banks, which was necessary for helping thousands of Eastern Curlew birds during their migration and other wading birds. The artificial roost is mainly made up of sand and today helps provide an ecological balance for the birds. There are two bird hides worth checking out, which also offer great views of the sanctuary.

With all the excellent activities and sights to enjoy in White Patch and beyond, a visit to Bribie Island should be on the itinerary.

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