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Kakadu Beach

Kakadu Beach

Kakadu Beach is a beautiful park and bird sanctuary located at Banksia Beach on Bribie Island.

It’s home to one of the few roost sites in the Pumicestone Passage and a gorgeous place to spend some time in nature.

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Some common bird sightings here include the spotted dove, crested pigeon, buff-banded rail, beach thick-knee, and the pied stilt. Wader species include the whimbrel, Great Knot, Eastern Curlew, Curlew Sandpiper, Red-necked Stint, Sooty Oystercatcher, and the Lesser Sand Plover, among many others.

The existing roost site is a project of the Queensland Wader Study Group and the Pacific Harbour developer; it was built in 2002 to make up for one that was lost in the Dux Creek, which was responsible for the home of the home around 1,000 Eastern Curlew during migration periods.

The roost site at Kakadu Beach has mangroves and fencing on each end to repel dogs and people. Aside from these great features, the beach is also equipped with toilets, picnic tables, shelter, a car park, and seating.

Aside from the beach, there are lots more to discover on Bribie Island. It’s the only island in all of Queensland linked to the mainland via a bridge, offering visitors a nearby destination that’s perfect for a day trip but with lots of relaxation for those looking for a holiday. Bribie Beach is laid back, and its beaches are famed for incredible surfing and swimming.

Not to be missed here is the Pumicestone Passage, which is a protected marine and wildlife park. Thrill-seekers also love it for the excellent water sports; one can go on a guided kayak tour, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or watching the sunset.

Check out the other beaches; Bellara and Bongaree specifically are excellent for families looking for a sunny spot to swim.

Kakadu Beach is just one of the many reasons why people love Bribie Island.

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