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Banksia Beach

Banksia Beach

Banksia Beach is a relaxing beachside community on Bribie Island.

Its calm waters make this a suitable and safe destination for families looking to take their kids and swim.

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The beach is equipped with BBQs pits, picnic tables, walkways, and toilets. Boat ramps have been built as well to accommodate the many avid anglers who frequent this area. Though no camping and tents are allowed, this spot makes a terrific choice to spend the day. For many, the best part of this beach is that it doesn’t get crowded with tourists. The wide beaches are great for scenic walks.

Banksia Beach is easily accessible, and it’s closely located to many shops, including a BWS and a burger joint. Don’t miss out on sunsets here; it’s one of the most beautiful places to watch the sun go down.

This area has become a hidden gem for tourists looking for peaceful and somewhat isolated destinations, so if you want to get away from it all, this lovely area in Bribie Island is highly recommended.

While here, be sure to take some time out to see the other attractions on Bribie Island. The gorgeous and varied landscape of the island has made it a favourite holiday choice, especially among nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, families, and visitors who love water sports.

Another top attraction here is Pumicestone Passage, a wildlife sanctuary and marine park that is also a popular choice for water sports. Explore the passage by renting a kayak, but if you need an adrenaline rush, kitesurfing and windsurfing are highly recommended. Fishing is popular here too. There are so many beaches to choose from on the island, too. Whether it’s a surf beach or calm shores you’re after, you’ll find it here!

Banksia Beach is just one of many stunning destinations to visit on Bribie Island. Be sure you look at the range of accommodation choices within the town, including a wide range of holiday houses, motels, resorts and apartments.

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