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Ningi is a town located within the Moreton Bay region of Queensland, near Caboolture.

The primary town is on Bribie Island Road, while the northern area has an elderly housing estate called the Bribie Pines.

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There are two residential estates also found here – Grey Gums Estate and Sandstone Lakes. These areas are surrounded by rural residential developments, as well as state forests. The town usually attracts avid fishers and travellers keen to explore something new and off the beaten path. Some popular fish species that are abundant here include Surf bream, Dusky flathead, and the Javelin grunter.

Ningi is close to many attractions around Moreton Bay. One of these is Godwin Beach, which is loved for its tranquillity and peaceful surroundings. Godwin Beach is the best place to witness how the landforms the curvaceous coastline, though it’s also popular for being home to a wide range of birds and wildlife. Through the years, many wildlife photographers and birdwatchers end up flocking to the area – especially in the mudflats and mangroves where you can see kangaroos and other animals.

A major highlight nearby is Bribie Island itself, home to a vibrant laid-back community of people who love surfing, beaches, and nature. It’s become a fabulous holiday destination, especially if you love water sports or are looking for a wholesome place to take the family.

Not to be missed is the Pumicestone Passage, which is a protected marine park where wildlife thrives. The passage is a terrific location for thrilling water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, and kayaking, though it’s also fantastic for bird watching. Alternatively, you can also relax by the shores to watch the golden sunsets here.

Ningi and the nearby attractions make this area of the Sunshine Coast a must-visit. Make sure you check out the range of nearby accommodation choices, including holiday houses, motels, hotels, resorts, villas, and retreats.

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