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Godwin Beach

Godwin Beach

Godwin Beach is a tranquil coastal town located north of Deception Bay and just 5 minutes away from Bribie Island.

Loved for its laid-back lifestyle, this charming beach town has lots to offer visitors.

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One of the things you’ll notice about its location is its serenity. Because of this, it’s easy for bird watchers and nature lovers to spot wildlife, especially in the mudflat and mangrove areas at low tide. There’s a nature reserve nearby too, where you can see the occasional kangaroo and other animals in their natural habitat. It’s also a great place for crabbing and fishing; there’s an abundant population of bream, flathead, and whiting.

Godwin Beach takes its name from Charles Godwin, a local businessman and proprietor of a fish cannery from 1897 to 1907. Today, the beach offers visitors a quiet respite from work and urban life. You can find some facilities by the shore to make your visit more pleasant; these include electric BBQs, rubbish bins, fitness equipment, seats, tables, shelter, toilets, and a water fountain.

If you’re staying a few days, why not visit Deception Bay as well? This beautiful beach was founded in 1823 by Lieutenant John Oxley, who thought that the bay was a river because of its strange shallowness. Back then, the land around it was used for grazing. However, these days it’s already a well-established residential area that continues to grow in popularity because of the excellent quality of life.

Don’t miss out on the Cottonwood Walk while in Deception Bay. This picturesque destination features timber boardwalks, a cycling trail, viewing platforms, BBQs, and picnic facilities. It’s the best place to take in views of the bay while enjoying a picnic with your family.

Godwin Beach and the nearby attractions make this a superb choice for a weekend getaway. Be sure to check out the range of accommodation nearby, including a wide range of holiday houses, caravan parks, motels, resorts, and hotels.

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