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The Gantry

The Gantry is a day-use area in the D’Aguilar National Park that is popular for its picturesque picnic setting in the bush.

It also has historical aspects to it, so it’s worth a visit while here.

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Its name is from the gantry, which refers to a crane outfitted with hoists and designed for parallel movement. The iconic shed found here is home to an old gantry system that was once part of the timber industry that produced sawmills back in the town’s early days. The massive shed was built in the 1950s, and its skeleton remains are a reminder of the tough industrial times back then.

Today, The Gantry is a choice location for picnics, which can be done beneath the gum trees though there are also several picnic tables and shelters for those who prefer it. There are BBQs on site, tap water, and toilets, though be sure to treat the tap water before drinking it; otherwise, you can also bring your own. There is adequate parking too, so feel free to invite family and friends to join you here.

The beautiful surroundings are ideal for going on leisurely walks, too. Choose from two walking trails that you can take from here; these are the best ways to take in the best sights of Mount Mee. The Somerset Trail is a class 4 trail, suitable for those who want to get their heart pumping as you walk in stunning scribbly gum trees, dry open forest, and rainforest. Once you get halfway, you’ll be treated to views of Lake Wivenhoe and Somerset Dam.

The other, Piccabeen Walk, is a class 2 trail that’s just a one-kilometre long loop. This is recommended for those who want a relaxing walk amongst piccabeen palms and rainforests. There are several information signs along the way that shares information on Mount Mee too.

The Gantry and these other delightful activities are a must-visit while here.

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