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Mount Mee

Mount Mee

Mount Mee is a charming mountain town located within the D’Aguilar Range.

It’s home to a rustic village, excellent camping spots, terrific coffee, and much more.

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The town’s colourful history dates back to 1873, when the first settlers arrived here. Most of them were trying to make profits from the thriving timber industry, mainly because red cedar timber was abundant here at the time. There were several mills located throughout the mountain, though the last one closed in 1982. Today, the town attracts travellers who have a knack for bohemian lifestyles and tons of nature.

Mount Mee is home to a beautiful forest reserve where bushwalkers will be treated to massive eucalypt and rainforest expanses. Not only is it great for bushwalking but also four-wheel driving. Other attractions within the reserve include crystal clear streams, lush verdant rainforests, and breathtaking views. For those seeking a more challenging climb, check out the Somerset trail, from where you will be rewarded with stunning vistas of Somerset, as well as the Wivenhoe Lakes.

In the township, not to be missed is the antique sawmill, where you can learn a little more of local history. Afterwards, do the Piccabeen Palm walk where you can learn about the logging and forestry history of the town. Because of the fertile volcanic soil found throughout the area, it’s not surprising that coffee is one of the best products to savour here. There’s also lots of great cheese and many other culinary delights that you can try at the local cafes and eateries.

If you want to spend a few nights here, camping is always a good option that allows you to reconnect with the outdoors. Alternatively, there are charming bed and breakfasts, though more accommodation choices can also be found in Woodford and Dayboro.

Mount Mee is a truly fantastic destination with lots to offer.

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