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The Boardwalk Mount Coolum

The Boardwalk Mount Coolum is a beautiful elevated pathway perfect for taking views of the sea, mountain, and sunsets.

There are loads of photo opportunities here, so be sure to bring a camera along.

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The walk isn’t too long, and it’s suitable for the kids, elderly, and those in wheelchairs too. You may get to spot some whales when looking out to see. The path is clean and well-maintained, and suitable for dog walking or taking your bike along. Though it’s particularly gorgeous in the late afternoon to take in the sunset, it’s also fantastic in the morning as you get to see the sparkling ocean.

The boardwalk is a unique way to see the sights, especially if you want to make it to Coolum Beach the scenic way. The beach boasts of a breathtaking strip of golden sand, and wavy seas for surfing and swimming is a top family destination that’s not too far from shops, restaurants, and residential streets.

While here, do have a meal at the most popular restaurant – Curly’s on the Boardwalk. It’s been around for a long time, a true favourite of locals who love it for the alfresco and relaxed indoor dining options. They offer a wide range of seasonal cuisine, coffee, and alcoholic drinks to enjoy.

Adventure enthusiasts will not want to miss the most thrilling activity in town: climbing Mount Coolum. This iconic mountain is a major highlight on the Sunshine Coast, made of volcanic rock that formed more than 25 million years ago. It stands 208 metres high, so be sure you can complete the 1.5 hours needed for the walk return.

The boardwalk in Mount Coolum is just one of the many exciting sights that await you while here.

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