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Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is a stunning popular area in Caloundra.

Even though the Sunshine Coast boasts dozens of postcard-perfect beaches that are certainly more famous, this lovely stretch of beach is well-loved for its tranquillity as you’ll rarely ever see it busy.

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The beach is unpatrolled, so crowds are genuinely a rare sighting. This means you’ll have its pristine white sands and incredible sandy beach all to yourself. It’s perfect for watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee at dawn as it’s the only beach facing the east, and bonus points for it being a dog-friendly beach too! Occasionally you’ll bump into locals walking their four-legged friends here, though keep in mind that it’s only an off-leash area from 4pm – 8pm during May through October.

A major highlight in Shelly Beach is the shallow rock pools that are thriving with marine life. Kids love spending the entire afternoon splashing about in the rock pools while looking for little fish. It might even inspire your kids to take up marine biology! Some of the creatures found in these glistening rock pools include rose barnacles, crabs, blue periwinkles, and sea cucumbers.

Some facilities available here include clean toilets, tables, and benches. A mobile snack and coffee van can usually be seen roaming the area during the weekends, which is ideal for grabbing a drink for your stay. The absence of crowds combined with stunning ocean views has made it a choice location for destination weddings, so it’s not unusual to witness ceremonies on the far end of the beaches.

Head over the path on the clifftop from here, and you’ll find yourself at Moffat Beach, which is another once secluded beach that recently got added on the tourist radar.

Together with the nearby beaches in Caloundra, Shelly Beach offers sun-seekers lots of choices for a beachy holiday.

Be sure you explore the range of accommodation choices within the area, with many holiday houses, hotels, motels, resorts, caravan parks and apartments on offer.