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Moffat Beach

Moffat Beach is a coastal town in the Sunshine Coast, located within the area of Caloundra. It’s named after a chemist from Brisbane named James Moffat, who built a holiday home on Moffat Head back in 1883.

He also purchased all of the land available then, from the golf course to Moffat Head.

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Over the last few years, this destination increased home investments and people moving in. It’s the ideal place to live for those who enjoy life by the sea, as well as a laid-back surf lifestyle. For families, it’s good to note that the nearest school is the Caloundra State School, though everything you need for recreation and convenience in town. There is a convenience store, post office, bakery, gift shop, restaurants, and breweries.

The main attraction in Moffat Beach is the headland, which is a lovely spot for a picnic. Afterwards, you can go on the Caloundra Coastal Walk to burn off the calories. Foodies will be happy to know that many people travel here solely for the food, the beach second; the restaurant, café, and pub scene has successfully built a reputation for itself that makes it worth the trip. There’s a lot of fantastic coffee this side of the coast too!

Even with popular beaches, such as Dicky Beach, Kings Beach and others nearby, once you visit this hip beach town, you’ll understand why it has such a special yet underrated charm. It wasn’t until later that foreign tourists and out of state visitors began to discover it, so it still has that secluded vibe that you’ll fall in love with. With lots of swimming, surfing, peaceful areas, wining, dining, and more to do, you’ll love it!

Be sure to visit Moffat Beach during your trip to the Sunshine Coast. Be sure you look at the range of accommodation choices within the town, with a wide range of holiday houses, hotels, motels, resorts and apartments nearby.

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