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Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is a beautiful coastal suburb in Caloundra.

This historic beach town faces east, making it a top destination for catching the sunrise.

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This is where the first hotel in Caloundra was established, way back in 1885, on the corner of Victoria Terrace and Alfred Street. The Hotel Francis eventually succeeded the hotel in 1906, which grew to be an iconic landmark for the local community. Residents would often meet at the Hotel Francis. Today, the coastal town is famous for its laid-back vibes and thoughtfully developed real estate and offers residents lots of space amongst each other.

Shelly Beach is growing to be a popular choice for the young and old alike, who are seeking a tranquil place to live. Families still come from near and far to spend time on the oceanfront, which rarely gets crowded because it’s unpatrolled. Despite this, the white sands are perfect for kids to spend hours building sandcastles. It’s also popular for the glimmering rock pools that serve as a haven for countless marine life, to the thrill of toddlers.

The picnic and BBQ area by the beach has hosted countless get together with family and friends. Bring your food and drinks and get ready for a fun-filled afternoon here. There is also a corner store that sells snacks and coffee in case you don’t bring any with you.

Few places are as special as this when it comes to fresh air, terrific views, and the absence of crowds often found in the other beaches not too far away. You can also venture into George Watson Park nearby, a gorgeous spot with fantastic views where you can sip beer and munch on fish and chips.

Shelly Beach has tons more to explore – be sure to add it to your itinerary. Be sure you explore the range of accommodation choices within the area, with many holiday houses, hotels, motels, resorts, caravan parks and apartments on offer.