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Lows Lookout

Lows Lookout

Lows Lookout is an off-the-beaten-path attraction in Coolum that visitors tend only to discover when they are on a road trip.

Because of its scenic beauty, it’s well worth stopping to spend a few minutes in as you rest.

Lows Lookout, Picnic Table, Gazebo & Viewpoint, Coolum Beach QLD

The viewpoint is located on top of a hill, and in the mornings, it’s not uncommon to see locals stop by to catch the sunrise or have a chat with friends in the afternoon. It features a small shaded pavilion with a bench, and from here, you can take in the delightful views of the coast below. The way getting to the lookout can be pretty steep for many though you can take your car uphill – for those who enjoy staying fit, you can also use the uphill path as a scenic workout.

Lows Lookout is best done when you’ve brought some refreshments and snacks with you to enjoy. Though there are no other amenities aside from the picnic shed, visitors can easily bring their food. The weather up here is usually good most of the year, making the short drive worth it.

Interestingly, the lookout is that it is believed to hold significant healing powers by the indigenous people. Locals also refer to it as Toboggan Hill. These are just some of the few reasons you should visit the viewpoint to take in the splendid views.

And if you’re after more, there are several other vantage points in Coolum to check out. Mt Coolum is located 208m above sea level and is home to a thriving bird and plant population and the second-largest rock in the country after Uluru. Point Perry Lookout is also recommended on warm days; it’s located near the Coolum main beach.

Lows Lookout is one of the top attractions in Coolum, and for a good reason. Be sure to carve out time in your itinerary to visit.

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