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Coolum Beach – Attraction

Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach is the perfect destination for surfers and sun-seekers looking for uncrowded beaches

While many of the neighbouring beaches can get rather busy, this beach is more laid-back and pristine.

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You can’t help but admire the wide sandy beaches and tranquil ambience as soon as you get here. It’s popular for excellent surfing; after all, it’s where professional surfer Julian Wilson hails from. Come and learn how to surf if you’ve never tried it, but otherwise, the consistent waves are terrific for bodyboarding too.

Right behind the beach is a vibrant strip of cafes, eateries, shops, and entertainment options. There’s so much to do in and out of the water right here!

Coolum Beach is also an excellent place for people who enjoy staying fit in the outdoors. The skate ramp is popular among the youth, but the beachfront park is versatile and can be used for cricket, kicking a ball around, or just having a relaxed BBQ. The seasonal Coolum Twilight Markets also takes place in the park, so be sure to check the local calendar of events.

The beaches are patrolled throughout the year, too, making it excellent for parents looking for a place where it’s safe for kids to play and swim around.

Many holiday houses and accommodation options offer breathtaking sea views, so it’s a splendid choice for a few days of holiday.

After a day at the beach, take a leisurely walk to Point Arkwright through the elevated boardwalk from where you can order delicious fish and chips. Stumers Creek is nearby too, with the area being near the beach, and it’s a well-loved dog-friendly destination. Take your four-legged friends along with you as you’re all sure to have a lovely time here.

Coolum Beach has all the right ingredients for a fun-filled beach holiday. Be sure you explore the range of accommodation on offer within the town, which has a wide range of hotels, holiday houses, motels, resorts and apartments.