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Lara Drive Steps

Lara Drive Steps

The Lara Drive Steps in Buderim is composed of 148 steps but is much more than a set of stairs to get you down the hill.

It’s a challenging but rewarding walk/run for people of all ages who want to keep fit.

Lara Drive Steps, Stair Climb, Outdoor Exercise Location, Buderim, QLD

The steps start at Hallmark Court and will take you up through a 12-metre elevation of around 120 metres. It can be pretty gruelling to those who aren’t used to a serious leg or cardiovascular workout, but these steps are highly recommended for those who want a scenic way to exercise. Majestic trees surround it, and it’s pretty quiet since it’s located in a residential area.

The Lara Drive Steps is a terrific way to get a free workout, too. Many people find it much better to work out here than in an indoor gym; you also benefit from breathing fresh air throughout. Check for rain as the steps aren’t recommended to go on when they are wet.

To get here, go to Mooloolaba Road and take it to Buderim. At the roundabout, go left on Dixon Road; on the bottom of the hill is another roundabout, where you can turn right on Ballinger Road. You’ll find playing fields on your left, and from here, go right on Lara Drive, where the end of the street has ample parking. There is no trail or route necessary to follow as you only need to go up and down the stairs at your own pace.

After your exercise, there are many ways to wind down and relax in Buderim. Check out the Buderim Village Park, featuring a beautiful grassy area with a coffee shop. It’s touted as one of the most stunning green spaces on the Sunshine Coast. There are many excellent coffee shops in Buderim where you can get your caffeine fix to power you through the walk too.

The Lara Drive Steps are a fantastic way to get fit and see some of the sights in Buderim.

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