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Kenilworth Town Park

Kenilworth Town Park

Kenilworth Town Park is one of the best parks in the Sunshine Coast hinterland region.

Located right across the Kenilworth Dairies, it’s exceptionally well maintained and equipped with thoughtful facilities.

Kenilworth Town Park, Playground, BBQ Facilities & Play Equipment, QLD

The park’s facilities include toilets, rubbish bins, gas-powered BBQ, picnic tables, seating, and shaded areas. The major highlight of the park is the excellent sand-covered playground designed with play equipment for kids of all ages. It includes a flying fox, pedal swings, spinners, diggers, and so much more.

For families with very young kids, you’ll be glad to know that Kenilworth Town Park also has a fenced area equipped with play equipment for smaller children. These include a slide, sandpit boat, pretend helicopter, and a see-saw. After all, that fun has gotten you hungry; check out the shops across the road, which serve up excellent food and refreshments for the whole family.

Make the most out of your day by ending it at the Charlie Moreland camping area, just a quick drive away. It’s got a waterhole where everyone can cool down and swim, and it’s located in a quiet, tranquil spot too.

If you’d like to spend a night or two here, you can stay at the Kenilworth State Forest, popular for camping. Historically, this destination was once a famous gold mine though it’s already closed.

The town itself has a lot of exciting attractions to accommodate visitors of all interests, especially if you enjoy destinations that have a rural charm. Kenilworth’s primary industry is dairy farming, so it’s easy to come across many world-class dairy products in town.

The main street has several cute boutiques, an art gallery, and the Kenilworth Dairies – all of these should not be missed!

Kenilworth Town Park is one of the many great reasons to visit this beautiful town in the upper Mary Valley area.

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