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Kenilworth Dairies

Kenilworth Dairies

Kenilworth Dairies is a magnificent destination with a rich history and delicious food.

Though their primary business is to produce dairy products, they are open to the public and well worth visiting for anyone who wants to learn about dairy production.

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Their history goes back to 1950 when Kraft Corporation established it to produce cheese in bulk. It was shut down in the 1980s when Kraft decided to centralise their business, leaving many without a job. However, local business people decided to purchase the factory, and they reopened by September 1990. They were known as Kenilworth Country Foods.

Kenilworth Dairies is now under its third management after being purchased by a reputable dairy family. Thanks to their efforts, it’s now become a popular tourist attraction in Kenilworth.

There are many highlights here, including being able to witness how cheese is made while, of course, being able to try a wide variety of cheese too. They use traditional recipes to create matured, handcrafted, and wax-coated cheese, including cheddar and flavoured cheese. Aside from that, they are also known for making world-class mousse, yogurt, and ice cream.

When it comes to cheese, they specialise in soft and blue cheese and foundation cheese recipes. Their gourmet flavoured cheese covers a wide range, including chilli, lemon myrtle, and many more. You’re sure to find a cheese that’s to your liking.

Additionally, their mild and mature cheddar is famous among kids and families who enjoy the simple taste of cheese. They also make terrific fetta and halloumi.

The on-site Poppa’s Café can accommodate up to 20 people. They are open seven days a week from 9am to 3pm; they are open from 9am to 4pm on public holidays and school holidays.

Kenilworth Dairies are located at 45 Charles Street.

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